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"During 2007, The Dark Masters has seen many new players come, some stayed, some did not. Firstly, the two brothers MooresMurder and MooresY joined in, although only MooresMurder is with us today. During spring, Raven and AlaN_90 decided to leave Gods of Destruction and join in as well. Time went by, and TDM also managed to recruit Keith52 and OrangeWarrior, two of the best Populous players, who have been great assets to the clan.

In april, TDM was inofficially elected the best/most liked clan in the Populous: Reincarnated forum by its members!

When summer came is was time to celebrate TDM's 5th birthday! TDM invited the whole community to participate in the party, by launching the so called "Pyramid games"! Players, both from clans and independent ones, participated, in order to try to reach to top of one of the 5 pyramids, as each pyramid where to crown the best player of each map of the 5 original 4-player multiplayer maps. The tourny was very succesful and will surely be remembered as one of the best universal tournaments in the history of Populous.

TDM also introduced a new council, the Demonic council, which purpose would be to dedicate a respectable amount of time to the running and direction of the clan. The council consisted of the following members, ordered by the power of the rankings:

Daemon: Slayer
Seer: Powerof3
Lich: High Mage
Hellions: Walhallah, Urban, Alan
Guardians: Smudgey, RedWarrior

Other news as of 2007 was the recruitment section, from where Addiction and Black_Wolf, after some times as recruits, were accepted to become full-fledged members. However, these two players are not a part of TDM any longer.

Once again the Demonic Council got updated.

Daemon: Slayer
Seer: Dark Phoenix
Lich: Fatality
Guardian: Walhallah
Historian: Raven
Clan Match Organizer: Tundar

Other ranks, outside the Demonic Council.

Web Programmer: Red
Training Organizers: Playful, Sweaim
Tournament Organizer: CandyGod

In the end of 2007, Playful became a full-fledged member after showing patience, loyalty and improvement during almost 8 weeks as a recruit. The last new members from 2007 are SweAim and Tundar, who were voted in after leaving Gods of Destruction. AlaN_90 who left TDM to join AsG, realizes that he had made the wrong decision and returns to TDM after approximately 1 and a half month in AsG as recruit and member. Unfortunaly, in early december, Smudgey announced that he wanted to leave TDM. The last player to join TDM in 2007 was Adz.

TDM enters 2008 as a very active clan with respected and very skilled members.

Useful links from 2007: (Walhallah announce TDM's 5th birthday!) (Smudgey introduce the community to the upcoming Pyramid games.) (The thread where TDM was voted the best/most liked clan of the Pop:Re community.) (The God of Gods Tournament. Hosted by [AsG]Legions and [TDM]Raven) (The God of Craters Tournament. Hosted by [AsG]Legions) (The God of Dead Sea Tournament. Hosted by [AsG]Legions) (The God of Pressure Point Tournament. Hosted by [AsG]Legions and [TDM]Raven) "
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