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The year 2006 was very productive and experiential for The Dark Masters. TDM’s active member base contained a slew of hard-hitting players: Walhallah, Supertribe, Basecoat, Dark_Angel, Smudgey, Ada1054, Mystical Beast, Free_the_Weed, Genesis, and Wildta.

In February, Powerof3 was welcomed into the brotherhood of TDM. Though his skill was still greatly lacking, Ada1054, Walhallah, and Smudgey worked hard to help him improve and also welcomed PhiL into the family of TDMs as well. Shortly thereafter Salty was also welcomed into TDM. Adding a sharp boost to the hard-hitting, global threat that is TDM.

A bit further down the road towards the middle of the year, Powerof3 and Smudgey’s protégé, Zeyta, was inducted into TDM. Warrior joined not long after as well. The clan was a strong body rivaled only by the DT-evovled group of players that had come to be known as the Åsgard. More players continued to join the ranks of TDM to include Khaos Shaolin_Monk, Azinbro, and the return of Urban Chaos. However it was also during this flush of activity that Genesis made the decision to leave TDM. It was a blow to TDM, but they managed to keep things together. Not long after, Salty also left TDM. It was at this time that the fierce rivalry between TDM and AsG solidified and became concrete.

After much waiting and anticipation, TDM launched its new forum at its brand new domain: The AvidGamers site remained available as a reference point, but the new and improved features of were undeniable. Protected by Guardians Walhallah, Basecoat, and Urban Choas, TDM appointed four field leaders to take charge of activity and tournaments as well as encourage growth within the clan. TDM successfully recruited the aid of RedWarrior and High Mage, powerful reinforcements that could not have come at a better time.

The Four Teams were modeled after the four tribes of the game. Slayer was chosen to lead the Dakini, Phil the Chumara, Smudgey the Matak, and Powerof3 the Phoenix (Blue). The Members were allowed to choose which teams they wanted to join as long as they kept even numbers. The system worked wonders and TDM welcomed the return of ILuvBoobs not too long after Sayuri joined TDM. until a period of inactivity struck. It was at this time that Shao and Khaos decided to make their departures and introduce The Gods of Destruction [GoD].

Determined not to let the clan falter because of a few lost members, the minds working behind TDM made the decision to combine the weakened teams into two groups as opposed to four. Powerof3 was appointed the leader of the Blue Team and Basecoat was appointed the leader of the Red Team. They had both proved to be positive and active leaders throughout the period of inactivity. It was also around this time that TDM began to eye potential new members like AlaN_90, Raven, Squirrel Queen, Shogun, Destor, and some others.

Though it contained its fair share of both ups and downs, the year 2006 ended on a very strong note and bought the TDM family closer than ever before.
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