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Supertribe approached Walhallah one day with the idea of starting a clan. At the time, both players can not be considered top of the bill. Walhallah, who wasnt much of a clanman those days (he long held several clan's invitations under consideration, but didnt consider joining any) said 'yes' as he liked the idea of something new. Of big influence was the fact that the clans in those days didnt exist as 'true populous clans'. Some had died, some were inactive and TA was alive but for them pop was only one of the games, and their attention was elsewhere.
When TDM was founded, it was the only clan that focussed totally on populous again. The slogan was 'we only play populous, for god's sake!'

It was originally found in 2002. The oldest written trace is dated 28 June 2002 and can be found on CDplayers site, where it states:

On June, 28 2002, Walhallah and Supertribe have started a new clan called 'The Dark Masters', with the home page at
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