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A warm welcome from The Dark Masters!

We hope that you enjoy our website. It was recently redesigned in tandem with our forum update, and we hope you like it. Mixing a bit of old school with the new, our new though still vintage look reiterates that we are the oldest active clan left standing in the Populous Reincarnated community. Feel free to navigate around the site and enjoy what you see.

If there is anything you would like to inform TDM about that's related to the site, then please do so by private messaging one of our members with any advice or just state your opinion. All feedback is welcome. Our site easy to navigate, read, enjoy. In the near future we hope to add additional resources for public use.

The site will take you through TDM's journey over several years - Recreated and then restructured several times thereafter, The Dark Masters continually strive for improvement. We are proud to reveal that AsG, our rival clan, is still fairly strong and active which gives TDM all the more reason to compete against them.

Credits for our new look and updated features all go to RedWarrior. Without his help, none of this would have been possible.

Please enjoy your stay with us. For additional assistance, feel free to contact Powerof3 or Walhallah. Contact information can be found in our member profiles.


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